About Us

Founded in 2017 In collaboration with the world’s leading talent and brands, we create content differently. Our network, our technology, and our services change the way content is produced, and distributed.

An increasing number of social platforms are now offering native video, mobile video consumption is at an all-time high– especially in Asia,
With a single upload our new & future technology , Star Hits enables content creators to distribute a video across the most popular online video and social media platforms – both global and localised – to maximise their audience reach. 

Simply put, Star Hits streamlines the online video management process and distils comprehensive insights from all available sources that enable content producers, MCNs, brands and media agencies to maximise their reach across platforms, channels and countries with minimum effort.

Star Hits enables brands and agencies to make influencer content efficiently. And best of all, our certified Account Strategists are ready to help you find influencers, reach out to them, negotiate rates, and more.