By Gloria Jessica 22.2 K 122 1.4 K 6

1st Original Song of EIGHTDAH " B I R D ( H E A R T ) " Lyrics: Bird flies, up above you Bird falls, right next to you Time flies, when I'm with you Snow falls, rain falls, right or false, as long it's us i'll stick with you Bird is flying high, so high. When I'm next to you. Heart is falling hard, so hard. Right into you Right in, right in, right, oh, Baby, into you.

EIGHTDAH is an "iseng-iseng berhadiah" music project between Gloria Jessica (@gloriajessicaid) & Irsabian (@ebgdaetgim) that love to write music while sippin' their cups of coffee, having a 'lil argument, laugh at it, argue a 'lil more, sing it out loud, write some more, and fall so hard into each other all over again. (?) Luckily, their generous and talented friend Yan Adi Dharma (@yanadid) captured those silly moments beautifully through his lense, so that too, eventually becomes their (yan-addi)ction, besides coffee and music. Selebihnya, biarkan mengalir saja seperti plankton terbawa arus laut dan terbang mengudara layaknya debu terbawa angin. Semoga suka :)


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